2014-01 ORD. All Terrain Vehicles Ordinance - Additional 2016-02 Amendment Ordinance

ORD 2016-02 Amendment to 2014-01 ATV Ordinance - See Town Records for Signed CopyTOWN OF DUNNORDINANCE #2016-02 AMENDMENT AMENDMENT TO ORDINANCE 2014-01 ATV ROUTE Additional Routes for All Terrain Vehicle Ordinance    SECTION 1   TITLE AND PURPOSE Amending Town of Dunn Ordinance No. 2014-01, entitled All-Terrain Vehicles in Town of Dunn  SECTION 2   AUTHORITY The Town Board of the Town of Dunn pursuant to its authority under SS# 23.33(8)(b) and 23.33(11).. Does herby amend the Town of Dunn, Ordinance 2014-01 Designation & Regulation of All Terrain Vehicle Routes SECTION 3 DESIGNATION OF ADDITIONAL ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE ROUTES The following routes are additional designated all-terrain vehicle routes in the town: -130th Avenue (Flick Road) from Highway 25 to the Town Line-510th Street (Hardscrabble Road) from 190th Ave (Pleasant Valley) to County Road Y                                                                          __________________________________                                                                        Chairman, Don Heit                                                                         ___________________________________                                                                        1 Supervisor, Dennis Weber                                                                         ___________________________________                                                                        2 Supervisor John Miller Passed and approved this 9th day of March, 2016Recorded in the Regular Town Board Minutes dated 3/9/16 _____________________________ Sally Rasmussen, Clerk-Town of Dunn